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In lieu of cold statistics, nationwide bamboozlement and the usual mind numbing malaise, Sean Yseult (White Zombie), vocalist Von Hesseling, guitarist Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell), and drummer Dustin Crops offer up Star & Dagger: A subwoofer's cauldron forged by functional alcoholism, pharmaceutical voyage and junk drawer hallucinogens, steeped under a heavy contraband haze that hangs low enough to embrace the Almighty Downtrodden so they can revel in it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Last Hurrah Record Release Party and One Eyed Jacks Show with Helmet

Pre-Halloween voodoo and brimstone were in the New Orleans air for the 10/22 Star & Dagger show (opening for Helmet). It was also the Last Hurrah release party at One Eyed Jacks for Star & Dagger's newly released 3 song vinyl record consisting of 2 original songs: "In My Blood""Stories" and a cover of the Blue Cheer song "Out Of Focus". Poster and album cover artist Lindsey Kuhn flew in from Denver to meet the band, and join Last Hurrah label owners Chad Hensley and the lovely K.K. has they got down to business of handling the gorgeous (limited edition) merch.  There was also much in between merry making, as evidenced in photos below. Label mate and new buddy Keith Hammett of the legendary Alabama punk band, Vomit Spots was also on hand to take part in the debauchery. As expected it was a packed house on the night of the show. The band Sunrise, Sunset (formerly War Amps) tenderized the crowd with their own special brand of scorching riffage, as a throbbing crush of revelers descended to the stage. This Star & Dagger performance stood out like no other with guitarist Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) accompanying the band onstage. Dave also co-produced Star & Dagger's yet to be released full length LP, Tomorrowland Blues. Star & Dagger commandeered the stage with twice the usual heavy guitar action, now being offered in two anvil dropped on head flavors, Bogner and Marshall. Next, the mighty Helmet unleashed onslaught over the frenzied mosh pit with their uniquely distorted, genius riffs. It was a huge privilege for Star & Dagger to open for them. Aftershow jollification and blatant ruckus was had later by friends & family alike, including Chris Lee, Page Hamilton, Dave Navarro, Pepper Keenan and others.

The debut vinyl put out by Last Hurrah is as an impressive a package as one could imagine. The record is transparent vinyl that looks as if it's been dipped in actual blood. Linsdey Kuhn bloody skull graphics on cover and inner sleeve fit the sound nicely.
A Side is the song "In My Blood" (produced by Ethan Allen at Hicksville Studio). Von Hesseling bewitchingly pays homage to New Orleans, a town as seductive as the vocals that evoke it's beckoning. B side contains 2 songs recorded at The Graveyard, new Orleans with producer J. Yuenger. "Stories" is a velvet-lined rant, inspired by and written about those who indulge in the evils of tongue wagging. Suitable for lounge listening with cocktail in hand (preferably a green one). It would be remiss not to also mention J. Yuenger's killer guitar solo at the end of this song, accompanying the menacing Go To Hell chorus. 'The B side also boasts Star & Dagger's first released cover: Blue Cheers "Out Of Focus". To say that Blue Cheer has been a big influence would be an understatement. R. I. P. Dickie Peterson. Autographed unstamped copies of this vinyl release will only be available at live shows, the foil stamped version can be obtained at Last Hurrah's website.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Star & Dagger's First Vinyl Release Soon to Be Available

Metalriot.com unveils Lindsey Kuhn's artwork for Star & Dagger's premiere vinyl release by Last Hurrah Records. Writer Morgan Y. Evans gives the scoop on how to obtain this unique limited edition (500 copies) produced by J. Yuenger. http://metalriot.com/
Pre-order yours before they're all snatched up. http://lasthurrahrecords.com/

Cover Art by Lindsey Kuhn

Producer J. Yuenger at The Graveyard

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mixing of "Tomorrowland Blues" at Royal Triton Studio in L.A.

The end of July 2011 saw the final mixing of "Tomorrowland Blues" the debut album of Star & Dagger.
When not holed up all Howard Hughes style at Chateau Marmont,  the ladies of Star & Dagger and producer Dave Catching joined producer Ethan Allen at Royal Triton Studio for the intensive, and highly anticipated mixing sessions which complete the long awaited 10 song album. Various highlights were: welcome visits by great friends: Brian O'Connor a/k/a BOC of Eagles Of Death Metal, his beautiful lady Sarah Easton, and the lovely and always fun to be with Shannon Smith. There was also relaxing playtime with cute furry critters, super-amazing Mexican food, and impromptu photo sessions, all punctuated with aptly timed cocktail breaks.

Updates on release information and other behind-the-scenes news can be found exclusively on this blog.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photos from Seans's Interview with Brandon Wetherbee Live from Pete's Candy Store

In spite of the oppressively brutal heat, a fun time was had by all during the You, Me, Them Everybody podcast "Live from Pete's Candy Store" in Brooklyn. Engagingly witty host Brandon Wetherbee conducted an amusing yet engrossing interview with Sean inside of what looked to have once been an old train car or diner. Funny man Myq Kaplan followed Sean and did some brief stand up then some sit down. All of it, uproariously funny. The whole show was intoxicating enough and Pete's Candy Store's lovingly crafted signature cocktails made the entire event even that more amazing. Incredibly enjoyable evening on so many fronts. 


Sean and Donna arrive at Pete's Candy Store. Fuck the 102° weather.
Hilarious comedian Myq Kaplan was the following guest. What a treat!

A very sweet pooch outside of Pete's Candy Store

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Upcoming Release on Last Hurrah Records

Star & Dagger will be back in the studio September with producer J. Yuenger to record a 12" limited edition colored vinyl with artwork by the brilliant Lindsey Kuhn for Last Hurrah Records.
This unique release will feature a cover song and one or two originals. More details to be posted here closer to the date.



Monday, July 11, 2011

July Dates For Sean Yseult Events

Friday July 22nd - Sean's band Rock City Morgue plays Otto's Shrunken Head in NYC!
With the Vondells and The Fabulous Faux Furs opening, and guest djs Dava She Wolf and Steve Pang!

Saturday July 23rd - Pete's Candy Store: Live with Brandon Weatherbee's "You, Me, Them, Everybody Live! A Talk Show. At Pete's Candy Store, Williamsburg NY.

Sunday July 24th - Filmed interview with Dirty Rock Nation dirtyrocknation.com

Tuesday July 26th - 2- 4pm SCHOOL OF ROCK : Guest Professor, teaching "Black Sunshine" and "Thunderkiss '65" www.schoolofrock.com

Wednesday July 27th - 2pm
Filmed interview with Rock Book Show at City Winery www.rockbookshow.com

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 S & D Happenings

May: Continuing on from the original 2010 sessions at Hicksville Trailer Palace Studios, Star & Dagger recorded 5 more songs this year at Rancho De La Luna, Joshua Tree for the upcoming album "Tomorrowland Blues" produced by Dave Catching and Ethan Allen. Lots of friends, feasting, playing and listening in the desert. Mixing will commence in Los Angeles late July.

June: Star & Dagger took the stage for their New Orleans debut at One Eyed Jacks opening for Eagles Of Death Metal who blew the roof off, along with Gnarltones and Gary Wertz. The evening was made even more momentous by the fact it was Dave Catchings Big 5-0.
Incredible night of extreme unparalleled revelry that cannot be conveyed within the confines of a blogosphere. Other great events that week- Masters Of Reality, The Gates Of Slumber and Orange Goblin at OEJ all put on amazing shows. It's always great to be in NOLA but this was definitely THE week to be there.