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In lieu of cold statistics, nationwide bamboozlement and the usual mind numbing malaise, Sean Yseult (White Zombie), vocalist Von Hesseling, guitarist Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell), and drummer Dustin Crops offer up Star & Dagger: A subwoofer's cauldron forged by functional alcoholism, pharmaceutical voyage and junk drawer hallucinogens, steeped under a heavy contraband haze that hangs low enough to embrace the Almighty Downtrodden so they can revel in it.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mixing of "Tomorrowland Blues" at Royal Triton Studio in L.A.

The end of July 2011 saw the final mixing of "Tomorrowland Blues" the debut album of Star & Dagger.
When not holed up all Howard Hughes style at Chateau Marmont,  the ladies of Star & Dagger and producer Dave Catching joined producer Ethan Allen at Royal Triton Studio for the intensive, and highly anticipated mixing sessions which complete the long awaited 10 song album. Various highlights were: welcome visits by great friends: Brian O'Connor a/k/a BOC of Eagles Of Death Metal, his beautiful lady Sarah Easton, and the lovely and always fun to be with Shannon Smith. There was also relaxing playtime with cute furry critters, super-amazing Mexican food, and impromptu photo sessions, all punctuated with aptly timed cocktail breaks.

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