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In lieu of cold statistics, nationwide bamboozlement and the usual mind numbing malaise, Sean Yseult (White Zombie), vocalist Von Hesseling, guitarist Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell), and drummer Dustin Crops offer up Star & Dagger: A subwoofer's cauldron forged by functional alcoholism, pharmaceutical voyage and junk drawer hallucinogens, steeped under a heavy contraband haze that hangs low enough to embrace the Almighty Downtrodden so they can revel in it.

Friday, January 13, 2012

STAR & DAGGER will be at FORBIDDEN PLANET Jan 19,2012

Hey NYC: Get your strange self over to Forbidden Planet on Thur Jan 19. Star & Dagger will be autographing the Last Hurrah Records "blood dipped" vinyl EP. Also authors Chad Hensley (Esoterra: Journal of Extreme Culture) and Shade Rupe (Dark Stars Rising) will be signing their respective and fascinating books!

Also read about the origins of Star & Dagger, and then some: Sean & Donna were recently interviewed by Etan Rosenbloom for the ASCAP blog "We Create Music".


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